The All-Alone dive site is a 75 foot tugboat that rests under 90 feet of water on the Ten-Fathom Ledge. This is an advanced dive, and while the wreck is not very large, it is a popular dive since there are many opportunities to see large species of sea life. If you want to get up close and personal with groupers, barracudas, snooks, and other large fish and you're already an advanced diver, this is a good site to check out while you're in Key West, FL. Many of these larger fish avoid the shallower wrecks and reefs and may not be as easy to catch a glimpse of up close if you aren't willing to go 90 feet down.

The All-Alone is wreaked at N 24° 27.330' W 081° 43.420' and has a split hull. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of information about the history of the tugboat or how it came to sink off the Florida Keys, which means that most of what you can learn about the tugboat you'll need to discover in person. There don't seem to be a lot of photos of the All-Alone yet, though there are some good reviews from advanced divers who said that they enjoyed the sea life which had taken up residence around the wreck. So if you decide to add All-Alone to your dive list, make sure to bring along a waterproof digital camera and get some close-up shots of some of the big fish which live down on the seabed. And while the All-Alone may be all alone at the bottom of the sea, always dive with friends—it's safer and more fun than diving all alone!

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